About Me

Hi there, I am Irina, thanks for visiting Aniksa Pottery. Aniksa Pottery got it’s name from my surname written backwards and I use it as my nickname online.

I am an expat, during the crazy pandemic of 2020 my partner and I moved to the Netherlands from Ireland with a strong desire to learn pottery. My influences are heavily based in Eastern European folklore and traditions, Irish picturesque nature, Dutch architecture & design, and brewed my creativity for many years.

I love handmade pottery, this is the process that embraces all of me. Clay is very pleasant to work with, I like its texture, flexibility, its opportunity to stretch. However, clay has its own temper, you need to take into account weight, time, dryness, dampness, sudden movements and little cracks.

Why should you buy my handcrafted pottery? While creating it I build a special relationship with every piece, dedicate all myself giving the hug and rub to every millimeter. Such pieces are entirely unique and carry the love, soul and aesthetic of their maker.

I look forward to sharing my designs and creations with each and every one of you.